Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa Vietnam

Ham rong mountain
Location: Ham Rong Mountain is situated in the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, Sapa Vietnam , Lao Cai, Lao Cai 33km from the city.Characteristics: Ham Rong Mountain is entitled cliffs rising dragon

According to legend, wild roses, there are two dragons are immersed tangerine wrap together while rushing flood was still rising wave or not. When wake up, panic apart, and turned her over, but no time. That leaves each child a place. By now she though petrified dragons, but survival instincts are strong still trying to look up the dragon he west side of Hoang Lien.

Ham Rong Mountain is assigned to oil and gas company shares Lao Cai restoration and management. Tourists make up your hands or knees against each level rod climbing structure, is only a short time to form hundreds of thousands of orchid colors. Row, first and foremost a miniature plateau bright cherry color, the more spring flowers. Take the stone forest is again feeling lost in the scene where Penglai, which the ancients were smart that is imagination claws, feathers, fins of the dragon. 

Hamrong mountain
In the hole where the other rocks as hiding something mysterious, suddenly appeared through everyone's ideas. Last follow cliff is the way to heaven and second ports, you will stand on fainted rocks flying in the sense that reach the eye looking down the entire city in mist. Here heaven and earth meet, there is unfortunately not hide her dream to stone, under dim light flickering. Here not only to enjoy the scenery of the sky, but also enjoy the fresh air of the air Sapa. So how anxious, depressed in the heart suddenly vanish. Looked up, will see the dragon as she still regrets not completed by a fit. Visitors wishing to reach curiosity please whisper to climb up that small with stone dragons.Who to Sapa Vietnam, could not climb Ham Rong mountain which talked with stones, with grass, trees and wild winds and clouds to increase the energy for tomorrow to continue the journey exciting new.