Monday, April 7, 2014

Peaceful destination: Ban Ho, Lao Cai, Viet Nam

Northwest is famous tours of Vietnam, especially Sa Pa, where not only the scenery and wonderful climate, but also cultural characteristics of ethnic identity. Ban Ho is one such destination.

And come to Sa Pa, there is a village without a foreign visitor before leaving without leaving the emotional line guestbook, because in addition to natural scenery and the fascinating traditions are maintain longstanding, people here are extremely friendly and hospitable, which is Ban Ho.

Although it doesn't take advantages as a tourist center near other villages in Sa Pa, but Ban Ho has spectacular natural scenery, waterfalls, rapids tinged legendary heritage and unique culture...
In recent years, Japan has been actively exploring Lake strengths in tourism, attracting thousands of visitors a year and become one of the key tourist area of Sa Pa district.

Ban Ho (Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province) located from the center of Sapa town about 30 kilometers south-west. Nestled Hoang Lien Son range and spectacular shine down Muong Hoa stream creates poetic charming scenery to Ban Ho.

When come to Ban Ho, visitors will be surprised from an untouched green color sight of upland rice on terraced fields, surrounded by hills and there are mixed into the fold of the nation is scattered along the banks of streams. Ban Ho village center is The Den, where the two streams meet and Muong Hoa La Ve.

According to legend, the young couple have known each other for one night in Sa Pa love market. Tay guy who you come from small orphan fund, and the girl in Ta Van Giay. They love each other dearly, but the poor guy is not enough wedding presents to marry the girl. They generally agreed to meet the Muong Hoa stream to the self. One day, heavy rain, but you remember the guy is back on stream to meet the requirements in the Nam Na (Ta Van late today), they are together forever without sentiment or disaster is struck down. Spirit rushing water to suddenly pull out couch girl who loves hand pressing the red waters roar.

The man jumped in panic but lost lover. Heartache and grief immense water gods, on the day he Hoang Lien Son mountain stream movies ice to fill. Rocky mountain sure between Muong Hoa stream rising in nostalgia and sadness of boys. Muong Hoa stream is split in half wrapped around you arrive, night and day poured like a herd of boys calling you since then.

Unlike everyday Muong Hoa stream to carry water to dozens of villages - where it flows through, the flow is about to take you to the mountain from the deep forest. Maybe so, but it is also more beautiful and more and more mysterious.

In the area of Ban Ho, Muong Hoa stream out two and La Ve, there are a series of streams, the other operators such as: Fish Dance, Seo Trung Ho ... where is the charismatic passion, explore nature poetry dreams of tourists. In addition to a stream, waterfall Ban Ho also has provided the winding hills, winding.

Come to Ban Ho visitors not only admire the charming natural landscape, open space, poetic, unique architecture from the wood floor house with attached long life of the nation, but also to live the tourist-friendly environment, warm and join in community activities.
In the morning, visitors will be guided tours of Hoang Lien National Park, home to species of plants and animals are abundant. Because of the climate in Ban Ho Sapa warmer (on average 18 - 25 ° C) from noon to forest visitors were able to soak up the stream Lave, watch majestic waterfall jumped, hit the white foam.

After lunch, hospitable hosts will take visitors to the Red Dao village of alpine herbs to bathe. Although the road is far and legs are bone tired of having to walk, you do not miss a unique opportunity this. Tobacco has 18 position, go get a knife to take over the forest. After drying, gold stars and lower soil can be used. It is known that this is a traditional medicine knows only the knife and has been the Institute of Traditional Medicine Vietnam appraisal.

As the sun went down the mountain, visitors will get a stroll around the village, and the people watching and brocade can buy yourself a plate. At the end of the week at the Lake, visitors can go to the playing floor singing culture with the indigenous people. Each nation brings different colors through games, dances and unique dishes that you'll remember forever.