5 Most Beautiful and Dangerous Mountain Passes in Vietnam.

5 Most Beautiful and Dangerous Mountain Passes in Vietnam.
Although, it is considered dangerous roads, an obsession of the lorry drivers, but 5 below mountain passes always attract tourists by the wild and grandeur beauty.

1. Pha Din Pass – Son La:  Pha Din Pass system located in Ta Phin plateau, with the first two located in two provinces of Son La and Dien Bien. With a total length of 32 km, the pass has very rugged terrain, a steep cliff sides, one side is deep chasms. Moreover, it also has a multitude of dangerous bends sleeves crab, crab letter A, the letter Z in sequence makes it dubbed as one of the most dangerous road passes the Northwest.

2. Khau Pha Pass – Yen Bai: 
Khau Pha Pass is one of the supply lines across the highest mountain pass in Mu Cang Chai – the peak Khau Pha. It is also famous crooked and steep grade of goods in Vietnam. The pass is especially dangerous fog on the day because there is not any traffic sign or warning.

3. O Quy Ho – Lao Cai:  With a length of up to 50 km across Hoang Lien Son. O Quy Ho Pass is a major challenge for long-distance drivers, by providing dangerous roads, a deep inside the area on one side and high mountains. However, if overcome fears and climbed to the top of the pass at an altitude of nearly 2,000 m, you will have the opportunity to admire the clouds floating like a fairy realm. Because of this, it is also the name of Heaven Gate.

5 Most Beautiful and Dangerous Mountain Passes in Vietnam.
4. Spectacular Deo – Ninh Thuan:  Spectacular Deo 18.5 km long and has an average slope of 9 degrees, it is the largest pass the slope of the southern province. The pass runs along the steep slopes of the valley Ninh Son connection with the Lang Bian Plateau. True to its name, the mountain pass spectacular will conquer all visitors to the majestic scenery, rugged but poetic and romantic.

5. Ma Pi Leng Pass – Ha Giang:  As a long stretch of road about 20 km with 1,200 meter altitude, Ma Pi Leng Pass of Dong Van Plateau – an area of limestone formed from Devonian to Permian. Connecting the cities of Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac district. The pass is well known for providing a clear winding road from the mountain to another mountain. This is probably the reason visitors are often called Ma Pi Leng is the king of the most dangerous stretch of road in Vietnam.