Sapa building a good image in the tourists

staff of team rules of Sapa
New dawn, walking the streets in the town of Sa Pa, we met people who wear blue, wear red tape between the traffic is reminding people in traffic and sales to ensure compliance order safety of road traffic. That staff of team rules of Sapa (Sa Pa district) are on duty.

Although a popular tourist area, but in recent years, Sa Pa tourists complained constantly by the state of local people clinging vending room, violating corridor sidewalks, parking beneath the road caused obstructing traffic, especially on the streets of the town center. Before the condition that the DPC has decided to establish rules of the town team, the employees are paid from the state budget to preserve order in the province. Rule Team currently has 17 people, including two drivers, the rest are patrol staff. Every day, employees working in teams from 6 hours to 22 hours, each division manager of streets in Sapa. Their mission is to regularly remind people to patrol parking lots, selling the right places; not go seducing travelers. In addition, the team rules also propaganda people environmental hygiene at the point of sale and street at the same time be able to handle the violations within the competent authorities.

Tran Van Tho, deputy team leader rules Sapa said daily work of the brothers is going off the streets in town to remind people to strictly observe the regulations on traffic safety road. This time is to harvest, so farmers in the communes to town to sell more vegetables, people expressed both in the parks, gardens – sales restricted areas. We had the flexibility to relative consumption of agricultural products, but still focus on advocacy general hygiene.

He shared more Poetry: Initially, people accept the propaganda of the regulations is difficult, because the awareness of her children has been uneven. Just sold her children should have food vendors on the street, on both the restaurant and hotel guests to take the sales offensive for travelers. The selling point is temporarily grow rampant, obstructing traffic. Therefore, besides propaganda, we strictly implement the sanctions, eventually serving her children well.

Talking with us, Mr. Tran Thanh Tuan, Party Secretary Sapa said: To ensure security and order, the construction of civilized streets, green – clean – beautiful, Sapa effort has been implementing various measures. Maintaining local budget paid for team rules to promote people to preserve order in the province. The government also mobilized households in the population groups of environmental sanitation, no encroachment on sidewalks, roadways. Due east of the hawkers, while not enough outlets, first town temporarily allow farmers seated ethnic local yard sale in the area to limit the state population clinging to guests.

This deal, visitors to the Sa Pa tourism can feel the changes markedly compared to previous years. Cau May street has limited status automobiles, motorcycles came down the street and parking are not paid at the prescribed place. The phenomenon peddlers passengers to stand in the solicitation sales have fallen so far. Some points where farmers sell agricultural products, the end of the market are clean to the information, airy summer and ensure environmental … These results can be due to the staff in the team rules are there to timely adjust contribute to raising environmental awareness and compliance with the regulations of the people.

It could be shown, the “most readily available” on the difficulties of travel, but with the results achieved in the past, SaPa is taking steps to regain good image in the tourists.