Which Airport is Closest to Halong Bay?

With Halong Bay continuing to find massive appeal amongst domestic and international tourists, the government has needed to find a way of improving transport links than the one, pot-hole ridden highway that used to connect Halong city to Hanoi. Improved roads and an added highway were a good start to a better quality of travel, but with visitors flying from all over the world, many are asking which is the closest airport to Halong Bay? It's Van Don international airport, Quang Ninh

This airport is the first privately operated airport in Vietnam, with the operator being property development company, Sun Group. This Vietnam-based property developer has a number of projects in Vietnam, including the Ba Na Hills project.

Which Airport is Closest to Halong Bay?
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Van Don international airport, Quang Ninh

The airport is situated on Van Don Island – the largest and most densely populated island within the Bai Tu Long archipelago.

A massive 290 hectares of land was set aside for the construction of the new airport, which began in March 2015. Only three years on and the airport is ready to open in June 2018.

Proximity to Halong Bay

The new airport will dramatically improve access to Vietnam’s premiere tourist destination, Halong Bay. The Van Don Airport is a mere 50km from the famous turquoise bay with its limestone pillars.

Previously, travelers to Halong Bay would have needed to fly to the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi and then take a four-hour bus journey to the UNESCO world heritage site.

After Van Don International Airport opens, visitors to Halong Bay will be able to fly directly to the airport. After arrival, Halong Bay visitors will then need to take an hour and a half bus or taxi ride to their destination.

This short journey time is now possible due to the new Ha Long – Van Don expressway, linking Van Don Island with Halong Bay.

But arrivals at the new Van Don Island will also be able to make the most of other destinations in the Quảng Ninh Province. The province boasts a coastline of around 250km with truly stunning  beaches such as those at Minh Chau and Ngoc Vung.

The big hope in Vietnam is the development of the new airport will pave the way for turning Quảng Ninh Province into an international tourist destination.