Can Tho is among the most beautiful river cities in the world

The world has many cities famous for its beautiful canals, which are worth exploring.

Can Tho, Vietnam: The city in the Mekong Delta is famous for its canals, Cai Rang floating market and Ong pagoda. Can Tho also has some specialties sold at floating markets. My Khanh tourist village is also not to be missed when visiting this city.

Can Tho is among the most beautiful river cities in the world
Photo by Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên
Suzhou, China: This city is not only a major economic center of China but also famous for its water transportation system. The largest canal in Suzhou has 20 stone bridges, connecting the old town.

Hamburg, Germany: The city has more bridges than London, Venice and Amsterdam combined. Hamburg has a total of 2,500 bridges spanning canals across the city. Most visitors come here with the option of sailing on the canal to enjoy the scenery.

Giethoorn, Netherlands: With a population of 3,000 people, the small town in the Netherlands is considered a "miniature Venice". Giethoorn is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, with wooden bridges over the canal system that runs through the town.

Bangkok, Thailand: This is a crowded city with about 8 million people. By traveling by boat on the canal, visitors can avoid frequent traffic jams in Bangkok. Bangkok's canals also become a place of trade and entertainment for people and visitors.

Utrecht, Netherlands: This is an old city with history dating back to the Middle Ages. The city is famous for the system of Oudegracht canal, connecting the central area. Today, the canal system in Utrecht becomes an entertainment and dining place for visitors.

Annecy, France: Located between the Alps and Lake Annecy, this beautiful city is still not known by many tourists. Annecy is famous for its canal system running around the old buildings in the central area.

Venice, Italy: Venice is probably the most famous city in the world with a long history from the 10th century BC. The city of Venice and its canal system are recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Traditional gondola boats are considered the symbol of this river city.

Ganvie, Benin: About 20,000 live in this small village in Benin. The houses are built on the water and the boats are an important means of transportation for the people. Ganvie village is located far from the shore, so people earn their living by fishing.

Bruges, Belgium: This city is famous for its medieval architecture, cobblestone streets and dense canal system. The canal runs through Bruges city center and is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Stockholm, Sweden: The system of Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen canal is the highlight in the capital of Sweden. The Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen canal system is also used as a route connecting popular tourist destinations in Stockholm, including the Vasa museum.

Ko Panyi, Thailand: In this fishing village in Thailand, houses are built directly on the water. Ko Panyi is a lunch service for visitors to the tourist city of Phuket.

O Zhen, China: This is one of the six old towns connected by the Yangtze River in China. O Zhen City is famous for West Lake and Lingwin Temple. This is the ideal destination for travelers who want to explore Chinese culture.

Kerala, India: Located in central India, Kerala is a colorful coastal city and brackish lagoons. Kerala city has 5 large lakes and they are connected by a system of canals and ditches.

Birmingham, England: The city is not famous for its beautiful scenery, but its canal system is among the best in the world. The canal system in Birmingham acts as a strong blood transportation route connecting the city center to the suburbs.