Guide to kayaking in Vietnam

You love kayaking, don’t you? And now it is right time for doing some research on this activity in Vietnam.

Kayaking peacefully through rippling, clear water and looking for exotic wildlife amongst stunning! Sea kayaking in particular gives you a fantastic opportunity to get really close to local marine life, and is one of the cleanest and greenest activities you can be doing!

Guide to kayaking in Vietnam
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Overview for kayaking in Vietnam

Few countries had as big an impact on the 20th century as Vietnam, and its transformation to a leading adventure travel destination has been incredible. Vietnam kayaking holidays off great variety, from legendary waterways to whitewater, and historical and cultural expeditions to multi-day sea kayaking..

The varied Vietnamese kayak destinations are only part of the story. Incredible food – a fusion of Asian with French – and scintillating landscapes make Vietnam a feast for the palette, eyes and soul.

With diverse terrain and rich nature, stretching across Vietnam is not difficult to find attractive and ideal places for kayaks. Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay (Quang Ninh), Phong Nha - Ke Bang (Quang Binh), Han River (Da Nang), Tuyen Lam Lake (Da Lat), ... are popular tourist attractions attracting tourists not only because of the beauty of natural preference but also a suitable place for kayak development.

Best places to go kayaking in Vietnam 

Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh Province)

Listed in the world’s 25 leading places for kayaking, Ha Long Bay will not let you down at any cost. It is indeed amazing to navigate the kayak in a clever way whereby it takes you through narrow waterways to caves packed with sparkling stalactites and fishing villages. Not only that you will take a chance to witness the magnificent charming of blue sky emerging as the background of the scenery surrounding the bay. Usually kayak services are included in Halong Bay Tours from Hanoi. Vietnam Typical Tours is one of the reputable companies that you can consult to book travel tours in Vietnam.

Phong Nha Cave (Quang Binh Province)

Phong Nha Cave is where adventurers like you can discover two routes for kayaking. The first one is that you will row the kayak through Son River – a tributary of Gianh River in Quang Binh Province. The other is to explore part of Phong Nha Cave – one of the largest wet caves in the world; it is endowed with a vast underground-river network and thousands of unique stalactites in various shapes. The rent for a kayak is about VND100,000/hour.

Ba Be Lakes

Way up in the northern highlands you’ll find the secluded Ba Be National Park. Paddle the lakes to the sound of the distant roar of the Dau Dang Waterfall, sliding into stalactite-filled caves surrounded by limestone cliffs on three sides.

Ba be means ‘three seas’ which refer to the three lakes that constitute the national park area. Stay and eat with fishermen who live in stilt houses perched on the edge of the shimmering lake. This is still a working environment and a long way from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

As you can see from the above, across the length and breadth of the country there is a big range of Vietnam kayaking holidays to experience. From the busy Mekong Delta with its floating markets to the enigmatic caves and coves of Halong Bay, whatever kind of kayaking experience you’re looking for, you can find it here.

Han River (Da Nang City)

Kayaking on Han River is a favorite program you ought to try when having a trip in Da Nang City. It is possible to say that this activity enables you to find out something more different about the middle city. If starting from Dragon Bridge, roaming down to the bridge crossing Han River, and turning back, you will be astonished by the twinkling landscapes of the city with the coming of night. Such light will make your kayaking trip more outstanding.

Tuyen Lam Lake (Da Lat City)

5 kilometers to the south of the center of Da Lat City, Tuyen Lam Lake is absolutely fantastic for a kayaking trip as you can go through picturesque scenes around. Try imagining how exciting it will be when you dip into the cool breeze from the nearby pine hill and maple forest while lying down on your kayak. Obviously, nobody can deny the poetic charm of Da Lat, but an experience with the kayak will be more different, unforgettable, and greater than everything you still think of a trip.

The Mekong Delta

Rising up in the Tibetan Plateau, the Mekong winds its way across Southeast Asia towards a vast delta area in Vietnam. More than just a geographical feature, the river seems to live and breathe, being home and workplace to millions of Vietnamese. It’s the rice bowl and fruit basket for the entire country, complete with floating markets and village communities.

You can certainly feel the historical and cultural importance of the Mekong as you paddle in its delta. Stop on deserted islands, cook over open fires at night with ingredients you’ve bought at the floating markets, learn about traditional river life and sample a shot or two of the powerful rice wine. This is a kayaking expedition with a difference. 

Combined with the exceptional cuisine, fascinating history and incredible warmth of the Vietnamese people, these are kayaking experiences like no other. To find out more please visit: